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Tubular busbar

Products Detailed

Product Specifications
To adapt to the installation environment place
Indoor or outdoor installation installation
Overhead, climb walls, underground cable channel, cable interlayer
Conditions of use:
Altitude: 4000M
The maximum wind speed: 35M/S
Environment temperature: -40°C ~+70°C
The maximum daily temperature difference: 25°C
The maximum relative humidity: 95%
Sunshine intensity: 0.1W/CM2
The ice thickness: 10MM
Earthquake intensity: VII, horizontal acceleration 0.25G, the vertical acceleration of 0.125G
Contamination grades: Grade
Creepage distance: 3.1CM/KV
Electrical properties:
Rated voltage: 0.4KV ~ 110KV
Rated current: 1000A ~ 12000A
Rated frequency: 50HZ
Maximum working voltage: 0.4/1.0KV; 10/12KV; 20/24KV; 35/40.5KV; 110/125KV
The temperature rise limit:
According to the insulation class E, less than 80K (temperature limit 120°C)
Partial discharge level:
Under 1.5Um/ voltage, it is not more than 20PC in the apparent discharge quantity
Under 1.05Um/ voltage, it is not more than 7PC in the apparent discharge quantity
Dielectric loss angle
Under 1.05Um/ voltage, dielectric loss angle tg ≤0.005

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